Homesense Heating and Cooling

Homesense Preventative
Maintenance Program


Comfort. It’s that feeling you get when you open the door to your home and feel a rush of cool air on your face, removing the weight of summer humidity. And it’s that blanket of warmth that welcomes you from the frigid winters, keeping you cozy all throughout your house at night.

You want that comfort…and you want it all year long. We understand.

The Homesense Preventative Maintenance Program helps you feel comfortable—in your home and in your mind. It provides that peace of mind that your entire heating and air conditioning system will be running smoothly to give you these feelings of comfort every day of the year.


The Homesense Preventative Maintenance Program extends the life of your entire heating and air conditioning system and keeps your utility costs low.

For just $150.00, you secure two service appointments each year.

1-year warranty on parts and labor for all repairs*
10% discount on repairs
10% discount on diagnostic/trip charge
10% discount on Indoor Air Quality products
Maintain factory warranty, as required
Priority service in the event of an emergency

Our EPA-certified technicians visit your home twice a year to inspect and prepare your air conditioner and furnace (depending on the season) for the harsh conditions of summer and winter.

In just 60-90 minutes, we thoroughly clean, lubricate, and inspect your system from all angles, including:

Air Conditioning System

✓ Check thermostat
✓ Check filter
✓ Check and clean outdoor coil
✓ Check for temperature drop
✓ Check and adjust air flow
✓ Check electrical connections
✓ Check amp & volt draw on motors
✓ Check condenser drain
✓ Check all capacitors
✓ Inspect for refrigerant leaks
✓ Check contactor and electrical controls
✓ Check compressor terminals
✓ Check disconnect power box
✓ Inspect evaporator coil when accessible
✓ Test cycle for proper operation
✓ Provide repair recommendations

Furnace System

✓ Check thermostat
✓ Inspect heat exchanger for cracks
✓ Check for temperature rise
✓ Check fan control
✓ Check furnace safety controls
✓ Check for gas leaks
✓ Check and clean burners
✓ Check ignition system
✓ Check electrical connections
✓ Check gas valve operation and pressure
✓ Check filter
✓ Check backup heat elements
✓ Check sequencer operation
✓ Check amp and volt draw on motors
✓ Check breaker and SSU
✓ Check reversing valve operation
✓ Check defrost control
✓ Test cycle for proper operation
✓ Provide repair recommendations